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hand to mouth, 2020


my dear america your chest is cold tonight

beneath my tired head

your hands are colder yet

and i am freezing in this sour heat

ran out of gas on I-90

sleeping in the comfort of the backseat

it holds me softer than you do

highway sounds sweeter than you sing

o america you are sand

slipping through my hands

i count the grains the blades of grass

the concrete cracks on state street

wrinkles in the skin you shed each season

your face has gone grim i say

my dear you turn away from me

hide how your teeth smell of rot and meat

i watch the headlights flash and imagine

the stars might reach down and eat me

your fingers catch in the scruff of my neck

i scoff when you say you can be soft with me

sleep through the alarm and wash my hair

with the last water bottle i wonder where youre hiding

america where do you think youre going

when i am still drowning

jumpstart the engine while my head hangs heavy

try to find a place that serves free drinks

why tame the beasts you capture

when i know you'd rather feast

i am hungry too america

my stomach never settles after i eat

food stamps taste sour paired with coffee

please my honeypie lean back for me

and let me take a bite of what i need

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